*Waves* Hey there!! Thanks for visiting! If you’re here, you’re more than likely a mom or a mom-to-be; in which case, we have lots in common. For those of you who aren’t, welcome anyway! This blog is for everyone so I hope you don’t run —> that way <– after reading the tales of a 20-something juggling a career, motherhood and her faith life! ha!

My name is Simona and as you will see, I have a lot going on. I’m a new mom-on-a-budget in expensive (a**)  Washington, D.C., twirling, gliding and swagg-surfing my way through the intense crazy, busy, work long hours, don’t get paid enough for what I do world of film publicity. That’s not all: in addition to growing & figuring out my relationship with Christ, I’m also navigating, in stilettos no less (ok, more like flats), the challenging, yet super-fun journey of Babydaddy101 co-parenting and raising SMW, my son. Be prepared: SMW is the greatest, most well-mannered, cutest 2-month old alive. Seriously. No child, person, koala or anything on this earth compares to my amazing little king.

So why #PRPRAYERSANDPACIFIERS? Since SMW has graced my world with his presence, drool, yucky farts, and love, I’ve learned a lot — about myself, motherhood, relationships, my career, among so many other wonderful lessons that I cannot wait to share with you. And I know there are more crazy stories for all of us to share with one another and even more for us to learn together. Some of my tales may be a bit ratchet — hey I’m still young, bare with me! Or don’t.

I’m no mommy-guru — I mean I am only 2 months in the game. Don’t let my IG pics fool you, I definitely do not have it all together. No PINTEREST life here!!  However, #PRPRAYERSANDPACIFIERS is a safe and genuine space for women who are going through similar life situations to be encouraged, educated and enhanced as we navigate this challenging yet rewarding phase of our lives.  Through events, meet ups and work out sessions, my adventures in life,  blog posts (by myself and guest writers), and seminars (featuring speakers educating us on finances, mental health, home buying, parenting tips, and more), we’re gonna make this “Mom In The City” (or suburb, lol) life a great one!


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